• Capital Advance
    Capital Advance solutions:

    Small-business owners who need quick access to capital advance are on right platform to get it. We provide you best and easy way for unsecured business financing. We know that getting working capital for small businessmen is very challenging. But with the help of merchant cash financing, you get a cash in advance which approved and also funded within one or two days. You just have to do a little amount of paper work. Our service can be easily taken by any business man who has been in business since 4 months and for new business man an approval from land lord with a minimum sales of 5000$ in there business. You just have to do a little amount of paper work and after approval, with in 24 hours you will get the funding easily.

    Merchant Advance Capital:

    Business owners can easily get our commercial merchant funding in these programs:

    – Bad Credit
    – Prior Bankruptcy
    – E-Commerce
    – Current Outstanding advance

    We generally provide two services for Small business owners

    Capital Advance Solutions Review :

    Many small business don’t have enough funds to cover up there startup costs, but a small business loan can help you to start your dream business. Business loan service is a good way to get funding of your business. We provide loans in short period of time. If your companies satisfy following criteria:

    – Annual gross sales of your business should more than $100,000.
    – Your company or business should be 4 months old (for retails and restaurants it is 2 months).

    Our business loan service consist of several features:

    – Maturity date is fixed and also the Interest rates.
    – From your business bank account, there will be small deductions on Monday to Friday.
    – Term loans by our company are available for 4 to 24 months

    Benefits of Capital Advance Solutions  are:


    – There is no requirement of personal collateral.
    – After approval of loan, funding will be provided within 24 hours.
    – Our policies are very easy, so approval rates of loans is very high as compared to traditional banks.

    Merchant Advance Capital and Merchant Loans:


    This is the best method for small business owners to get funding.  Merchant financing is a kind of business funding solutions that provides qualified merchants or business man with quick and easy funding’s. Our company main point is that cash advance which we provide are not loans; instead, the deal is a “purchase and sale of future income.” We provide our service to everyone who need it. For example a small business owner needs capital to create growth, a new restaurant needs funds for inventory or salaries, a florist brought in last minute to create arrangements for a massive event, a dentist or doctor buying a piece of   equipment and is able to get a new income stream from the diagnostic tests.

    Criteria and features of capital advance solutions  are:

    – The business or company should be older than four months.
    – The documentation and paper work should be correct before merchant funding.
    – The revenue of the business can be seasonal, cyclical and variable from month to month.
    – A portion of sales can be received by credit card payments.

    Benefits of Merchant Cash and Capital:

    – There is no provision of set maturity date.
    – In merchant funding, there is no need of personal collateral.
    – There is no requirement of new credit card processor for business owners.
    – Approvals is very fast in merchant financing that you can get within 24 hours of after applying for funding.
    – Funding will be provided within 24 hours of approval.

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