• Merchant Cash Advance Calculator

    Merchant Cash Advance Calculator

    A merchant cash advance (MCA) is a type of financing in which a business sells a percentage of their future credit/debit sales for an upfront amount.This merchant cash advance calculator can inform you of the amount that your business qualifies for. The MCA lender gets paid by directly debiting the card receipts from the merchant’s account daily, before the business itself can access any money from sales.

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    An MCA is advantageous for businesses with unsteady cash flow or seasonal business cycles, as it’s not a fixed amount of money demanded each day, but a percentage of your sales. This can also make it hard to calculate the total cost of a merchant cash advance term sheet. Use the APR calculator below to find out what you will be paying on a merchant cash advance.



    Would you like to see the amount you can Pre-Qualify For? All you have to do is fill in the last three (3) months of your Visa and MasterCard totals in the cash advance calculator below, and click the “calculate” button.


    Example: If you made $10,000 in Visa and $5,000 in MasterCard in one month, you would type in “15000” in the field marked “Month 1”. (Do not include a comma.)


    Month 1:
    V/MC Totals: $
    Month 2:
    V/MC Totals: $
    Month 3:
    V/MC Totals: $

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