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A business bank loan requires a written loan proposal that is time consuming, confusing, and very restrictive. Typically, the bank will be happy to loan you money when you don’t need it but reluctant to loan you money when you need it the most to finance your business. And even if you qualify for a bank loan, your monthly repayment schedule is rigidly set with no consideration ever given to the ups and downs of business revenue flow.

Merchant Cash Advance

Applying for a merchant cash advance from Emerchant CashAdvance, Inc. is easy and quick. The application is two pages and can be faxed or e-mailed directly back to us. You will know within 48 hours if you’ve been approved.
To qualify . . .
In order to avail Merchant Cash Advance Support from Emerchant CashAdvance, Inc. to finance your business you must fulfill the following criteria.
Your monthly VISA/MasterCard revenue must be at least $5,000
You have no prior unresolved bankruptcies
You have been in business for at least 12 months

Merchant Loan Repayment

Repayment for your merchant loan through us. is based upon your future swiped VISA/MasterCard credit card transactions. A monthly percentage of these future sales is used as the determining factor for repayment. There are no bank loan repayment statements, no fixed monthly payments, and no penalties for late payments. Repayment occurs automatically and follows your business revenue flow. We base our success on the success you achieve as a result of our cash advance to you. We’re putting our money on you and your ability to make the best use of it.

So If you fulfill all requirements and want to finance your business through Emerchant CashAdvance, Inc. Advance Cash support, Apply Now.

Merchant Loan Information

In a nutshell; a merchant loan is when a company purchases a portion of your businesses future credit card sales at a discounted rate. The payback is done automatically through your credit card processor using a percentage of your daily credit card sales, usually within 5-9 months.

Other terms used for merchant loans include; Credit Card Factoring, Business Cash Advance, Merchant Cash Advance or Unsecured Business Loan.

The business of providing merchant loans is relatively new. The first provider opened their doors less than ten years from when this article was written. The industry has been growing exponentially ever since. One word of warning; ask lots of questions and read everything very carefully before you sign anything. Most providers are very reputable and think in terms of building relationships. However, as in most businesses; there are always a few bad eggs.

How do you qualify for a merchant loan?

Getting a merchant loan is relatively simple when you compare it to a bank loan. For most providers, all you need to qualify is;

  • You must be in business for at least 6 months.
  • You must process Visa and MasterCard transactions.
  • You must process at least $2,500 a month in Visa MasterCard sales.

The application process

  • In order to begin the application process, most providers ask that you fill out a simple 2 or 3 page application form.
  • Along with the application form, you will need to provide the previous 4-6 months of your merchant statements.
  • After you submit the required information, it generally takes about 24-48 hours for approval.
  • Once approved, you will be given a quote with an up-to-the-penny outline of your payment terms.
  • I everything is agreeable, you sign the paperwork and the money is deposited into your bank account in about a week.

It is important to note that the entire process takes less than ten days as opposed to the several weeks it takes for a bank loan to go through.

It is also important to note that rather that giving you a fixed payback schedule with the same payment due each month; a merchant loan payback is based upon a percentage of your daily credit card sales. It is significant because on days when your business is slow; you pay back less. This flexible payback schedule takes some of the stress off your business when things slow down. This helps to promote your businesses success. This way; everybody comes out on top.


A merchant cash advance has many advantages over a traditional bank loan. These advantages include;

  • No Collateral
  • Poor credit OK
  • Adjustable payback
  • Quick funding
  • Easy application process
  • No UCC-1 filing

If you are considering a merchant loan and would like to learn more; visit