• Why is it a merchant cash advance support and not a loan?

    Banks make loans and their processes are regulated by the federal government. We are a financial service that offer you working capital cash to finance your business. Our process is based upon a traditional financial technique known as factoring, which focuses on business receivables. What makes Emerchant CashAdvance, Inc. so unique is that our emphasis is on your future credit card transaction receivables. To do this, we partner with a merchant services provider to make the whole procedure more effective and essentially seamless. As your business goes, so goes your repayment, because there is no set repayment schedule. Because the entire process is handled electronically and is coordinated with your credit card transactions, your loan is repaid with no major impact upon your business. Plus, you have cash in your hands within 7-10 days after approval affording you the opportunity to make immediate purchases or enhancements that will result in business and profit increases. All these unique features make our merchant cash advance support system unique and distinguished from all others and emerchantcashadvance.com becomes first choice for working capital financing.

    Conventional Loan

    Cash Advance Support

    Detailed Financial Statements for 2-3 years

    Financial statements not required

    Audited Tax Returns for 2-3 years

    Audited Tax Returns not required

    Must be in business for a minimum of 2-3 years

    Must be in business 12 months or more

    Personal Guarantees of all owners

    Guarantee against fraud or intervention

    Lengthily Approval Process

    48 hours for approval

    Costly Application Fees

    No application fees

    High Credit Scores Required

    Your personal credit score does not matter

    Costly Closing Cost

    Only your future credit card sales

    Collateral of all business Assets

    2 pages basic application and copy of last four months
    credit card processing statements.

    Complicated Application

    Repayment based only on current sales.

    So if you are thinking to finance your business in a more beneficial way for achievement of short and long term business goals, merchant cash advance support is the best choice for you.